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Towing Rockhampton

When you need fast and dependable towing after an accident or breakdown, TOW is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to send a tow truck to your rescue. We’ll get you off the road as fast as possible with our premier towing Rockhampton services, with a fleet of reliable tow trucks to get to your location no matter where you are in the city and surrounding areas. We can be with you within an hour of your call, and if you’re in a metro area we can usually be with you in 30 minutes or less!

We know that roadside emergencies can happen at any time, which is why we operate all day and night. Our affordable towing Rockhampton wide is available from Greenlakes Road to Rockhampton Shopping Fair and all suburbs in between, so no matter where you find yourself stranded, you will always have a towing company you can rely on. Our professional and experienced tow truck drivers will always tow your vehicle any distance to wherever you need to go, as quickly and as safely as possible.

The beautiful Rockhampton is lucky enough to experience more than 300 days of sunshine every year, which makes it a popular tourist destination throughout every season. There are currently more than 115,000 residents living the area, along with a steady influx of visiting tourists from around Australia and overseas, drawn to the natural beauty and attractions on the Capricorn Coast. As the city continues to grow, the local roads are also becoming more congested with an increasing number of dangerous accident hotspots. So when you find yourself in an unexpected roadside situation, TOW is standing by to send assistance whenever and wherever you need it.

Our 24 hour call centre is available now to send a tow truck to your location, at any time of the day or night!

Rockhampton Towing Services

Our efficient and affordable towing Rockhampton services also includes a wide range of commercial and trade transport towing options. These services include:

Car and Motorcycle Breakdown Towing for any sized vehicle and from any location, to get it repaired as quickly as possible after a breakdown. We can tow your vehicle directly to your mechanic’s workshop or any other location of your choice, and if you don’t have a place in mind then we can take it to our nearby holding yard where it will be stored securely until you are ready to pick it up.

Machinery and Forklift Towing for all types and sizes of heavy and fragile machinery between worksites and other locations. And with our round the clock service you can ensure your work will always stay on schedule.

Accident and Smash Towing at all times of the day or night, to get you and your vehicle off the road quickly and safely after an accident. All of our tow truck drivers are trained and experienced in the correct safety processes for removing a vehicle from the site of an accident or smash, which includes how to properly prepare damaged vehicles for towing and how to clean up the site afterwards to prevent further road hazards to other drivers.

Container Towing between worksites 24/7, for all sized containers, portable utilities, sheds and other towable buildings.

Carpark Towing from any difficult access carpark, including undercover and restricted access carparks.

Abandoned Vehicle Towing to quickly remove potential hazards from public areas. You can report an abandoned vehicle in the Rockhampton area bycontacting Rockhampton Regional Council or reporting a problem online.

Transport and Car Freight for any number of vehicles for all personal and commercial purposes.

Trade Towing between worksites and other locations. Our specialised towing equipment and processes allow us to safely tow all types of heavy machinery and trade equipment.

Car and Motorcycle Transport between all home, work and commercial locations with our round the clock service.

Our Fleet and Depot in Rockhampton

TOW operates an efficient and reliable fleet of 13 tow trucks within kilometres of the centre of Rockhampton, so we can always reach you quickly no matter where you are. Each tow truck in our fleet is capable of towing all sized vehicles and equipment up to 22 tonnes in size and weight. We ensure their optimum performance and reliability with regular servicing, and by keeping only modern and well-maintained trucks in our fleet ranging in their years of manufacturing from 1994 to 2012.

Our towing depot and holding yard in Rockhampton is centrally located for easy access. It can hold up to 420 vehicles in clean, secure holding sites until you organise to pick it up and is an ideal alternative if you don’t know where you want your vehicle towed to. This Rockhampton towing depot and holding yard is located at 330 Leichhardt Street, Parkhurst.

The Most Dangerous Roads in Rockhampton

There are a number of roads in and around Rockhampton that are notorious for poor quality surfaces and high risk driving, which has resulted in many accidents and severe fatalities. TOW strongly advises that you always drive safely and adhere to the set speed limits, especially on these more dangerous routes. Be aware of other drivers sharing the road with you as well as the condition of the roads, and always drive to suit them.

The Bruce Highway is known for having several poor quality sections where drivers need to exercise extra care. The stretch from Miriam Vale to Rockhampton and from Rockhampton to St Lawrence are just 2 of these sections, identified as having a high level of both collective and individual risk for drivers. The number of casualty crashes is high, and still increasing every year.

Other dangerous roads in Rockhampton according to local residents includeQuay Street/Victoria Street, North Street,Berserker Street, Upper Dawson Road, Feez Street, Bolsover Street,Rockonia Street, Musgrave Street, Hollingsworth Street and the Farm Street and Yaamba Road intersection.

The Beef Roads

Rockhampton is one of the country’s largest cattle exporters and a major player in the Australian beef industry. In northern Australia, cattle are regularly transported hundreds of kilometres between the farm gate and the market, and the many poor quality roads are significantly increasing travel time and transport costs for farmers. It also becomes very dangerous when small vehicles have to share these roads with the large, much slower trucks and transport vehicles.

The Federal Government has pledged $100 million for the key cattle transportation roads in Rockhampton and the rest of northern Australia, as part of the Northern Australia Beef Roads Fund. The money will go towards improving the roads with targeted upgrades, to benefit both the cattle industry and other road users by increasing their quality and safety.

Other Planned Road Improvements

As part of a number of local road projects planned for the next few years, the intersection of Fitzroy Street and Bolsolver Street will be upgraded with traffic signals and turn arrows at all 4 entries to the intersection, to help prevent drivers from making ill-timed turns into oncoming traffic.

The Neville Hewitt Bridge will receive new signage to warn southbound drivers of congestion on the bridge ahead, which should help reduce the number of ‘nose-to-tail’ accidents.

18 additional local roads will have their gravel floodways replaced with more resilient concrete floodways to improve their quality and functionality during times of flooding. This will help to minimise road closures and traffic interruptions during and after heavy rainfall, and reduce the safety risks of driving on flood prone roads. These roads will include Upper Ulam Road, Joskeleigh Road, Collins Road , Bycroft Road, Hoys Road, Dunning Road, Hopkins Road,Old Byfield Road, Black Gin Creek Road, Wild Road, Weir Park Road,Leaholme Road, Manns Road, Venture Road, Flaherty Road, Kalapa-Black Mountain Road, San Jose Road and 2 sites on Smith Road.

These planned upgrades will make the roads in and around Rockhampton much safer for drivers, but we advise you to continue to take care and drive safely through these areas while the improvements are in progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you insured? Yes! TOW and all our tow truck drivers are fully insured for your peace of mind.

What distances do you tow? We can tow as short or as long a distance as required, whether you just need to get your vehicle up the road or you need it transported interstate.

Can I cancel a tow after I book it? Yes, you can cancel your tow at any time up until we have dispatched a tow truck to your location. Unfortunately once it has been dispatched, you cannot cancel the towing job.

For more information about our towing Rockhampton services and the rest of our state-wide towing, check out the rest of ourFAQ’s. If your question hasn’t been answered, you can contact our 24 hour call centre or send us a message.

Our Rockhampton tow truck fleet operates a fleet of 14 tow trucks within km's of the centre of Rockhampton. The oldest tow truck in operation in and around Rockhampton was manufactured in 0 and the newest was manufactured in 2012.

This fleet is capable of towing vehicles and equipment up to 22 tonne in size.

About Rockhampton

Rockhampton belongs to the Rockhampton Regional Council.

The council supports 115,419 residents, with a median age of 36.8

Towing Services

Throughout Rockhampton we offer the following towing services.

  • Car Towing
  • Accident Towing
  • Smash Towing
  • Breakdown Towing
  • Local Towing
  • Cheap Towing
  • Motorcycle Towing
  • Carpark Towing
  • Transport & Car Freight
  • Trade Towing
  • Emergency Towing

Rockhampton towing depots has a number of towing depots and holding yards close to Rockhampton.

These holding yards can securely store up towed vehicles, or we can tow vehicles directly to a chosen repairer.

Kawana, QLD 4701
Parkhurst, QLD 4702

Recent tows in or near Rockhampton

  • Towed a CAR 28KM from Millroy Dr, Barmaryee QLD
  • Towed a CAR 41KM from Barmaryee Rd, Yeppoon QLD
  • Towed a CAR 40.4KM from Melbourne St, Yeppoon QLD
  • Towed a CAR 4.2KM from Alexandra St, Kawana QLD
  • Towed a CAR 6.2KM from High St, Berserker QLD

Rockhampton Towing Statistics

Most towed cars in Rockhampton

Detail table for Brisbane region
Percent Make Model
47.5% Holden Commodore
20.4% FORD Falcon
4.7% Mitsubishi MAGNA
3.5% HOLDEN Astra

Breakdown - days of tows in Rockhampton

Detail table for Brisbane region
Percent Day
18.9% Thursday
18.3% Friday
16.6% Wednesday
15.8% Tuesday
13.7% Monday
10% Saturday
6.7% Sunday

Breakdown - times of tows in Rockhampton

Detail table for Brisbane region
Percent Time
7.9% 03 PM
7.3% 11 AM
7.1% 01 PM
6.7% 04 PM
6.4% 08 AM
6% 05 PM
5.4% 12 PM
5.4% 08 PM
5.2% 09 AM
4.8% 02 PM
4.4% 07 PM
4.4% 11 PM
4.2% 10 PM
4.2% 10 AM
4% 09 PM
3.7% 12 AM
3.1% 06 PM
2.7% 07 AM
2.1% 04 AM
2.1% 01 AM
1.9% 02 AM
0.6% 03 AM
0.6% 05 AM