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Towing Canberra

Are you looking for stress-free Canberra towing services? TOW has you covered. Our friendly and professional tow truck drivers who are insured, trained and licensed will come to your aid quickly when your vehicle is broken down or if you are involved in an accident. Thanks to our 24 hours a day 7 days a week call centre that is open all year round, our tow truck drivers will be able to come to you within an hour of your call. You can trust knowing a tow truck driver can come to you on any day and at any time. With round the clock towing Canberra wide, make sure we are your first point of call in your time of need. offers a variety of towing services right across Canberra. Whether it is a car, truck, motorcycle or a forklift, we can tow it. TOW is the only place to turn to for all of your towing needs.

Canberra is Australia’s capital. With a population of over 380,000 people, it is Australia’s largest inland city. Featuring the stunning Parliament House, Canberra was selected as the nation’s capital in 1908 to compromise the rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne.

Although Canberra is a relatively small capital city, the population continues to grow every day, and with that comes mounting pressures on roads and infrastructure. An increased population also leads to more road accidents and incidents. Thus a reliable and professional tow trucking service has to be available to cater to these needs.

If you have travelled to Canberra from overseas or interstate, you may be unfamiliar with the roads. Alternatively you could be a local in a part of the city you are not familiar with. If you break down in an area you do not recognise or can not identify, we have the perfect solution for you. Our handy find me tool is the solution you never realised you needed. This nifty tool can use the inbuilt GPS on your phone to locate you and advise you of your current location. Once you discover your location using our Where am I application, give us a call and our tow truck drive will be on hand in no time.

Canberra Towing Services

Any form of towing you require, we can provide it with our 24/7 towing Canberra wide. See our extensive list of services below.

Affordable Car and Motorcycle Towing

If your car or motorcycle breaks down, trust us to provide an affordable towing solution when you need it most. Trust us to offer the right price for the service that you require.

Forklift Towing

If your workshop machinery such as your forklift needs to be shifted to a new location or transported to an onsite job, turn to us at TOW to move your equipment securely.

Motorcycle and Car Transport

If you need your car or motorcycle transported across the city or the country, our tow truck drivers can transport your vehicle safely and securely to your desired destination.

Container Towing

Whatever size or type of container that needs shifting, our tow truck drivers can handle it. Some examples of objects we can tow include sheds, portable utilities as well as towable buildings. If it needs towing, we can tow it for you.

Accident and Smash Towing

If you are in an accident, trust knowing that TOW has the network of experienced tow truck drivers you need. Not only will we tow your damaged vehicle from the accident site asap, but our tow truck drivers will also assist in cleaning up the site and eliminate any potential hazards for other road users.

Other towing services that we provide in Canberra include -

  • Repo Towing
  • Breakdown Towing
  • Clearway Towing
  • Carpark Towing
  • Abandoned Vehicle Towing
  • Transport & Car Freight
  • Trade Towing
  • Car Carrier
  • Vehicle Repossession
  • Emergency Towing

Our Fleet and Depots in Canberra

Our Canberra towing services are available citywide for your convenience. Thanks to the five towing Canberra depots and holdings yards we have at our disposal, you know that we will store your car at a convenient Canberra location near you. If you do not have a location in mind for your vehicle to be towed to, we can transport it to the nearest holding yard, ready for you to pick up when it is convenient for you. Our depots and holding yards can securely hold up to 46 vehicles. We also have a large fleet to ensure our tow truck services will reach you in no time.

The holding yards are located at:

  • North Crestwood, NSW 2620
  • Mitchell, ACT 2911
  • Oxley, ACT 2903
  • Latham, ACT 2615
  • Dunlop, ACT 2615

The Worst Roads in Canberra

Canberra is a growing city and the capital of our country and like any growing city, traffic can be hectic. When driving around in Canberra, it is beneficial to know what the worst intersections are so that you are extra cautious when driving through these areas. Data collected from the ACT government’s traffic warrant system over a five-year period with the most recent ranking from 2013 can provide us with this information.

According to the ACT Government’s traffic warrant system data presented by Canberra Times, the top 20 worst intersections in Canberra are:

  • Antill Street (west), Dickson
  • Kent Street, Deakin/Hughes
  • Sternberg Crescent, Wanniassa
  • Cowper Street (north), Dickson
  • Maribyrnong Avenue, Kaleen
  • Anthony Rolfe Avenue, Gungahlin
  • Majura Avenue, Ainslie
  • Phillip Avenue (east), Hackett
  • Namatjira Drive (south), Waramanga/Fisher
  • Hopetoun Circuit (south), Deakin
  • Torrens Street, Braddon
  • Theodore Street, Curtin
  • Mawson Drive, Mawson
  • Sternberg Crescent, Gowrie
  • Copland Drive, Evatt
  • Hambidge Crescent, Chisholm
  • Denison Street, Deakin
  • Hardwick Crescent, Holt
  • Ashley Drive, Wanniassa
  • Brigalow Street, Lyneham/O'Connor

At the top of the list as the most worrisome intersection in Canberra according to statistics is a section of Antill Street in Dickson, located in a busy shopping precinct. The data showed that there had been 150 smashes that resulted in property damage, which is the highest number for any road in the ACT.

Other roads that have experienced a significant number of smashes with damaged property were Antill Street, Anthony Rolfe Avenue and Maribyrnong Avenue, each with over 100 incidences.

From this list, six roads from the top 10 were located in the northern suburbs, and the road with the highest fatalities is Sternberg Crescent. This road has included two fatal road crashes during this period.

According to the AAMI Crash Index Report, The top contributing factor to car crashes was other drivers at 40%. This then followed by distraction or loss of concentration at 29% and carelessness at 24%. Other significant contributing factors include traffic congestion, bad weather, impatience, and bad roads at 11 – 12% each. Finally speeding, fatigue and alcohol also play a part in contributing to car crashes at 7 – 8%.

Planned Road Improvements

According to ACT Government Territory and Municipal Services there is a number of future and current road projects occurring to improve the roads around Canberra. Some of the major road improvements you may like to be aware of include:

Constitution Avenue Upgrade – This upgrade aims at integrating a transport network. There will be a dedicated bus lane in each direction, a central median strip from London Circuit to Anzac Parade, upgraded intersections as well as improved pedestrian and cycle facilities. The full upgrade of this area is expected to be completed mid-2016.

Gungahlin Drive Improvements – A 1.6 km stretch of the southbound section of Gungahlin Drive is set to be widened to three lanes. Expect considerable congestion especially in peak periods over this time. This improvement is expected to be completed by the end of 2016.

Majura Parkway – This new development has the aim of seamlessly connecting the Federal Highway to the Monaro Highway. This is expected to relieve traffic congestion and provide better access to the Majura Valley.

Head over to the ACT Government Territory and Municipal Services website to see the full list of current and future road improvement projects in Canberra.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you cover other areas of Australian Capital Territory? We service various locations in Canberra and the ACT. Our Towing Service Areas page has the full list of locations that we can provide 24/7 towing services to in the ACT.

I'm broken down but I'm not sure where I am . If you are broken down, and you cannot tell us the location, we conveniently have a feature available that you can download to your smartphone. The ‘Where am I?’ feature will use your phone’s GPS to find your current address. Head to our ' Where am I?' tool to find out more.

What will the truck look like? Because we utilise a network of sub-contractors to provide towing services, our trucks may not have branding or stickers. Our fleet are professional and experienced and will get to you as soon as possible so keep an eye out when a tow truck is on the way.

Take the time to read over our full list of FAQ’s to answer any questions you may have about Canberra towing services. If you do not find the answers you were looking for on our FAQ’s page, feel free to contact our 24-hour call centre or send us a message.

Our Canberra tow truck fleet operates a fleet of 5 tow trucks within km's of the centre of Canberra. The oldest tow truck in operation in and around Canberra was manufactured in 0 and the newest was manufactured in 2016.

This fleet is capable of towing vehicles and equipment up to 22 tonne in size.

About Canberra

Canberra belongs to the Queanbeyan City Council.

The council supports 40,568 residents

Towing Services

Throughout Canberra we offer the following towing services.

  • Car Towing
  • Accident Towing
  • Smash Towing
  • Breakdown Towing
  • Local Towing
  • Cheap Towing
  • Motorcycle Towing
  • Carpark Towing
  • Transport & Car Freight
  • Trade Towing
  • Emergency Towing

Canberra towing depots has a number of towing depots and holding yards close to Canberra.

These holding yards can securely store up towed vehicles, or we can tow vehicles directly to a chosen repairer.

Crestwood, NSW 2620
Mitchell, ACT 2911
Hume, ACT 2620
Hume, ACT 2620

Recent tows in or near Canberra

  • Towed a CAR 7KM from Barrett St, MacGregor ACT
  • Towed a CAR 30KM from Cheney Pl, Mitchell ACT
  • Towed a CAR 8KM from Glenloch Interchange, Molonglo Valley ACT
  • Towed a CAR 2KM from Lachlan St, Macquarie ACT
  • Towed a CAR 29KM from Tralee St, Hume ACT

Canberra Towing Statistics

Most towed cars in Canberra

Detail table for Brisbane region
Percent Make Model
18.4% Kia Sportage

Breakdown - days of tows in Canberra

Detail table for Brisbane region
Percent Day
19.6% Monday
17.9% Tuesday
16.4% Thursday
14.3% Friday
14.3% Wednesday
10% Saturday
7.5% Sunday

Breakdown - times of tows in Canberra

Detail table for Brisbane region
Percent Time
11.1% 10 AM
10.4% 11 AM
10% 09 AM
8.9% 12 PM
7.9% 08 AM
7.9% 04 PM
7.5% 02 PM
5.7% 03 PM
5.7% 01 PM
5% 05 PM
5% 07 AM
2.9% 06 PM
2.5% 06 AM
1.8% 07 PM
1.4% 11 PM
1.4% 08 PM
1.1% 04 AM
1.1% 09 PM
1.1% 05 AM
0.7% 01 AM
0.7% 10 PM
0.4% 02 AM